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Party Planning

Make Your Party a Spirited Affair

Planning a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, bridal or baby shower, or any celebration, let Westport Whiskey & Wine help you select the right wine, spirits & beers to elevate your menu.
With an inventory of more than 1400 wines and a premium selection of spirits, including the best selection of bourbon, our focus is on helping customers explore & find the right beverages from around the world at the right price points.
Stop in and ask about our Party Specials. We offer competitive pricing on mixed cases of wines & spirits. All unopened bottles may be returned for a full refund.

Smart Tips for Party Wine Buying

1. Buy by the case

- Find­ing good wine and then sock­ing away a case of it (typ­i­cal­ly 12 bot­tles) saves mon­ey, as we offer case dis­counts of 10 to 15 per­cent. It also saves trips to the store.

2. Look for wine screw caps

- More and more excel­lent wines are being sealed with screw caps to pre­vent cork­i­ness (a prob­lem with nat­ur­al corks that pro­duces a wet card­board-like smell in a small per­cent­age of wines). Screw-capped wines are espe­cial­ly handy for large par­ties, because they’re easy to open quick­ly.

3. Select food-friendly wines

- Big par­ty meals tend to involve mul­ti­ple side dish­es or a large selec­tion of appe­tiz­ers, which puts a lot of com­pet­ing fla­vors on the table. Well-bal­anced wines that aren’t too extreme (not wild­ly sweet, not wild­ly tan­nic, etc.) are the most ver­sa­tile when it comes to pair­ing. Good choic­es include Amer­i­can Rhone-style blends, Span­ish red blends, Ital­ian red & white blends and dry Ries­lings from Ger­many or Wash­ing­ton.

4. Pick affordable sparkling wines

- Cel­e­bra­to­ry alter­na­tives to pricey Cham­pagne include cava from Spain, sparkling wines from France & the US, as well as Pros­ec­co from Italy.

5. Use terrific $12-and-under wines for punch

- Seek out inex­pen­sive wines that would be equal­ly deli­cious in a bowl of punch or on their own. There are won­der­ful $12-and-under bot­tles avail­able these days, par­tic­u­lar­ly from Spain and South Amer­i­ca.

Let us crunch some ini­tial num­bers and send you a first draft quote and then let the con­ver­sa­tion begin.