Westport Whiskey & Wine

Selecting a Barrel

The difference from one barrel can be significant, even if they’re from a similar place in the warehouse. Let us be your guide on this unique experience.

Here are some testimonials from recent customers:


Overall the Barrel Selection process worked out even better than we expected. Working with Westport Whiskey and Wine was extremely convenient and allowed our unit the ability to conduct what our Commander called the “bets side project he has ever seen for building unit morale.”

The experience at Four Roses was top-notch; from the tour to the tasting, and finally with our lengthy Bourbon lesson and interaction with Master Distiller Jim Rutledge. The tasting, with the opportunity to try all 10 recipes from Four Roses, was especially amazing. The barrel we ended up choosing housed some delicious 10-year-old bourbon that has been celebrated by every person that has had a sip.

Thanks again for the opportunity that would not have been possible without Westport Whiskey and Wine. This will be something that I hope we are able to continue to do often!




Single Barrel Bourbon Tasting and Selection is quite the unique experience. Tasting six to ten barrels of whiskey, all the same mash bill and approximately the same age teaches one the effects of wood, barrel storage and temperature variation. This experience is heightened by being able to taste with Chris Zaborowski, one of the owners of Westport Wine and Whiskey. Chris has a phenomenal palate and years of industry experience which adds a wonderful teaching experience to each tasting.

Tasting Single Barrel Bourbon is a great experience with a group of friends and fellow bourbon lovers. It’s a fun challenge to taste and predict who in the group is going to like which barrel. Choosing a consensus barrel to fit the profile of Westport Wine and Whiskey becomes easier each time I experience a Single barrel tasting, as the knowledge Chris has taught during these tasting helps mold and form a consensus.

Single best Barrel of Bourbon I helped WW&W choose was in February 2015 at Four Roses. 10 barrels of bourbon, all with different recipes is one of the best tasting there is in Kentucky Bourbon. On the particular day, the barrel of OBSK (??) held a surprisingly low amount of bourbon. On first taste Chris and I looked at each other and said “We want that barrel.” The other tasters were not as impressed. After completing the tasting and barrel choices, we had to leave the barrel on its side, because every time we turned it up to sign the barrel head, whisky leaked out and ran across the floor. Upon completion of the tasting one of the other tasters, still couldn’t understand the attraction of this barrel until I told him to add a bit of water. Then he smiled and said he understood. That barrel only produced 52 bottles. 52 bottles of the best bourbon I have tasted in 2 years. — Larry Olliges