Westport Whiskey & Wine

Selecting a Barrel

The difference from one barrel can be significant, even if they’re from a similar place in the warehouse. Let us be your guide on this unique experience.

Here are some testimonials from recent customers:


Over­all the Bar­rel Selec­tion process worked out even bet­ter than we expect­ed. Work­ing with West­port Whiskey and Wine was extreme­ly con­ve­nient and allowed our unit the abil­i­ty to con­duct what our Com­man­der called the “bets side project he has ever seen for build­ing unit morale.”

The expe­ri­ence at Four Ros­es was top-notch; from the tour to the tast­ing, and final­ly with our lengthy Bour­bon les­son and inter­ac­tion with Mas­ter Dis­tiller Jim Rut­ledge. The tast­ing, with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to try all 10 recipes from Four Ros­es, was espe­cial­ly amaz­ing. The bar­rel we end­ed up choos­ing housed some deli­cious 10-year-old bour­bon that has been cel­e­brat­ed by every per­son that has had a sip.

Thanks again for the oppor­tu­ni­ty that would not have been pos­si­ble with­out West­port Whiskey and Wine. This will be some­thing that I hope we are able to con­tin­ue to do often!




Sin­gle Bar­rel Bour­bon Tast­ing and Selec­tion is quite the unique expe­ri­ence. Tast­ing six to ten bar­rels of whiskey, all the same mash bill and approx­i­mate­ly the same age teach­es one the effects of wood, bar­rel stor­age and tem­per­a­ture vari­a­tion. This expe­ri­ence is height­ened by being able to taste with Chris Zaborows­ki, one of the own­ers of West­port Wine and Whiskey. Chris has a phe­nom­e­nal palate and years of indus­try expe­ri­ence which adds a won­der­ful teach­ing expe­ri­ence to each tast­ing.

Tast­ing Sin­gle Bar­rel Bour­bon is a great expe­ri­ence with a group of friends and fel­low bour­bon lovers. It’s a fun chal­lenge to taste and pre­dict who in the group is going to like which bar­rel. Choos­ing a con­sen­sus bar­rel to fit the pro­file of West­port Wine and Whiskey becomes eas­i­er each time I expe­ri­ence a Sin­gle bar­rel tast­ing, as the knowl­edge Chris has taught dur­ing these tast­ing helps mold and form a con­sen­sus.

Sin­gle best Bar­rel of Bour­bon I helped WW&W choose was in Feb­ru­ary 2015 at Four Ros­es. 10 bar­rels of bour­bon, all with dif­fer­ent recipes is one of the best tast­ing there is in Ken­tucky Bour­bon. On the par­tic­u­lar day, the bar­rel of OBSK (??) held a sur­pris­ing­ly low amount of bour­bon. On first taste Chris and I looked at each oth­er and said “We want that bar­rel.” The oth­er tasters were not as impressed. After com­plet­ing the tast­ing and bar­rel choic­es, we had to leave the bar­rel on its side, because every time we turned it up to sign the bar­rel head, whisky leaked out and ran across the floor. Upon com­ple­tion of the tast­ing one of the oth­er tasters, still couldn’t under­stand the attrac­tion of this bar­rel until I told him to add a bit of water. Then he smiled and said he under­stood. That bar­rel only pro­duced 52 bot­tles. 52 bot­tles of the best bour­bon I have tast­ed in 2 years. — Lar­ry Olliges