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Select a Personal Barrel

Whether you’re new to the Single Barrel Selection process or would just like to share a barrel, we’re happy to help you along the way. It’s truly the ultimate bourbon experience.


pulled-barrelsThe day starts with meet­ing up at the store to car­pool. Then we’ll head to the dis­tillery and along the way like­ly chat about our favorite bour­bons along with shar­ing oth­er fun sto­ries. Once we arrive at the dis­tillery you’ll smell the sweet­ness in the air which will whet your palette. We’ll head to the selec­tion room where you’ll find as few as four, but maybe as many as 10, bar­rels that have been pulled for us.

thievingWe’ll begin with a lit­tle knowl­edge about where they were pulled from the ware­house and about their age. Then our guide will either pour our sam­ples, or we’ll take turns so you can have the expe­ri­ence of “thiev­ing” the bar­rel. As we go through the tast­ing process, we’ll make notes and com­pare our thoughts on the fla­vor pro­files. You’ll be amazed at how the fla­vor will change from bar­rel to bar­rel.

Tast­ing Sin­gle Bar­rel Bour­bon is a great expe­ri­ence with a group of friends and fel­low bour­bon lovers. It’s a fun chal­lenge to taste and pre­dict who in the group is going to like which bar­rel. — Lar­ry Olliges

signing-barrel-headThe first round of tast­ing is done at bar­rel strength, and it’s usu­al­ly quite potent. Then anoth­er tast­ing will be done cut­ting the sam­ple with water. Again, the fla­vors will change and we’ll dis­cuss our thoughts. Once we’ve reached a con­sen­sus and made our final choice we’ll all have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to sign the bar­rel head.

The tast­ing, with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to try all 10 recipes from Four Ros­es, was espe­cial­ly amaz­ing.  This will be some­thing that I hope we are able to con­tin­ue to do often! — K. Russ Lemay, MSgt, KYANG

Check out this recent arti­cle in the Couri­er-Jour­nal about our recent trip to Buf­fa­lo Trace.

Distillery & Brands Offered

  • Buf­fa­lo Trace – Frank­fort, KY
    • Buf­fa­lo Trace
    • Eagle Rare
    • W L Weller
    • Blan­tons
  • Bar­ton 1792 – Bard­stown, KY
    • 1792
  • Jim Beam – Bard­stown, KY
    • Jim Beam
    • Knob Creek
  • Wood­ford Reserve – Wood­ford Coun­ty, KY
    • Wood­ford Reserve Dis­tillers Select – 2 bar­rel batch
    • Wood­ford Reserve Dou­ble Oaked
  • Brown-For­man – Louisville, KY
    • Old Forester
  • Wild Turkey – Lawrence­burg, KY
    • Rus­sells Reserve
    • Ken­tucky Spir­it
  • Four Ros­es – Cox’s Creek, KY
    • Four Ros­es Bar­rel Strength
  • Heav­en Hill – Bard­stown, KY
    • Bern­heim Wheat
    • Eli­jah Craig
    • Evan Williams
    • Hen­ry McKen­na
  • McLain & Kyne – Louisville, KY
    • Jef­fer­sons
    • Jef­fer­sons Reserve
  • Med­ley Broth­ers – Owens­boro, KY
    • Wathens
  • Angel’s Envy – Louisville, KY
    • Angel’s Envy
  • New Riff – New­port, KY
    • OKI
  • Smooth Ambler – Green­bri­ar Coun­ty, West Vir­ginia
    • Smooth Ambler
  • Bow­man Broth­ers – Vir­ginia
    • John J Bow­man
  • Jack Daniels – Ten­nessee
    • Jack Daniels
  • George Dick­el – Ten­nessee
    • George Dick­el Bar­rel Select
  • Crown Roy­al – Cana­da
    • Crown Roy­al


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