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Select a Personal Barrel

Whether you’re new to the Single Barrel Selection process or would just like to share a barrel, we’re happy to help you along the way. It’s truly the ultimate bourbon experience.


pulled-barrelsThe day starts with meeting up at the store to carpool. Then we’ll head to the distillery and along the way likely chat about our favorite bourbons along with sharing other fun stories. Once we arrive at the distillery you’ll smell the sweetness in the air which will whet your palette. We’ll head to the selection room where you’ll find as few as four, but maybe as many as 10, barrels that have been pulled for us.

thievingWe’ll begin with a little knowledge about where they were pulled from the warehouse and about their age. Then our guide will either pour our samples, or we’ll take turns so you can have the experience of “thieving” the barrel. As we go through the tasting process, we’ll make notes and compare our thoughts on the flavor profiles. You’ll be amazed at how the flavor will change from barrel to barrel.

Tasting Single Barrel Bourbon is a great experience with a group of friends and fellow bourbon lovers. It’s a fun challenge to taste and predict who in the group is going to like which barrel. — Larry Olliges

signing-barrel-headThe first round of tasting is done at barrel strength, and it’s usually quite potent. Then another tasting will be done cutting the sample with water. Again, the flavors will change and we’ll discuss our thoughts. Once we’ve reached a consensus and made our final choice we’ll all have the opportunity to sign the barrel head.

The tasting, with the opportunity to try all 10 recipes from Four Roses, was especially amazing.  This will be something that I hope we are able to continue to do often! — K. Russ Lemay, MSgt, KYANG

Check out this recent article in the Courier-Journal about our recent trip to Buffalo Trace.

Distillery & Brands Offered

  • Buffalo Trace – Frankfort, KY
    • Buffalo Trace
    • Eagle Rare
    • W L Weller
    • Blantons
  • Barton 1792 – Bardstown, KY
    • 1792
  • Jim Beam – Bardstown, KY
    • Jim Beam
    • Knob Creek
  • Woodford Reserve – Woodford County, KY
    • Woodford Reserve Distillers Select – 2 barrel batch
    • Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
  • Brown-Forman – Louisville, KY
    • Old Forester
  • Wild Turkey – Lawrenceburg, KY
    • Russells Reserve
    • Kentucky Spirit
  • Four Roses – Cox’s Creek, KY
    • Four Roses Barrel Strength
  • Heaven Hill – Bardstown, KY
    • Bernheim Wheat
    • Elijah Craig
    • Evan Williams
    • Henry McKenna
  • McLain & Kyne – Louisville, KY
    • Jeffersons
    • Jeffersons Reserve
  • Medley Brothers – Owensboro, KY
    • Wathens
  • Angel’s Envy – Louisville, KY
    • Angel’s Envy
  • New Riff – Newport, KY
    • OKI
  • Smooth Ambler – Greenbriar County, West Virginia
    • Smooth Ambler
  • Bowman Brothers – Virginia
    • John J Bowman
  • Jack Daniels – Tennessee
    • Jack Daniels
  • George Dickel – Tennessee
    • George Dickel Barrel Select
  • Crown Royal – Canada
    • Crown Royal


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