Westport Whiskey & Wine

Staff Selections

We have challenged our staff to select something that they really enjoy in order to better connect with our customers.

Emily Meadows, Asst Manager/Doer of Things

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I have been with the store since we have opened and have had amaz­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties to expand my knowl­edge here over the years. My main focus of things is in the world of bour­bon. What can I say? I love it and the sto­ries behind it. I also enjoy some red wine from time to time.


Elmer T Lee — Easy smooth drinker. Cov­ers the mouth nice­ly. Soft nose, broad mouth­feel. High val­ue drinker. Love it! I’ll take it all

Old Fitzger­ald BIB — Easy every­day drinker. It’s the per­fect bour­bon for when you just want to pour a glass and not over think it. Spicy, warm, hot.


Insid­er Cab — it’s deli­cious. Trust me.

Carne Humana Red — Also deli­cious. Just do it!

Ben Canary, Beer Geek

StaveThief BWS-Logo-Final Certified Bourbon Steward

benAvid beer drinker. Bour­bon fanat­ic. Novice home­brew­er. Fer­men­ta­tion Enthu­si­ast. Eager stu­dent learn­ing more one sip at a time.

Justin Horn, Wine Specialist (ok, Wine Geek)

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My name is Justin Horn. I have an exten­sive back­ground in the under­stand­ing and appre­ci­a­tion of wine and food pair­ings. Com­bin­ing this knowl­edge and being able to share this pas­sion with the pub­lic has allowed me to have an exten­sive career in both the retail and whole­sale wine side of the hos­pi­tal­i­ty indus­try. I love to share with the pub­lic the not so obvi­ous wine grow­ing regions and why peo­ple need to think out­side the box when try­ing new wines. I grad­u­at­ed from Flori­da Inter­na­tion­al Uni­ver­si­ty with a Hos­pi­tal­i­ty Man­age­ment degree in 1990. My pas­sion about wine began at child­hood since my par­ents enjoyed wine at the din­ner table. For fun I love to trav­el inter­na­tion­al­ly and I am con­stant­ly look­ing for new wines to add to my per­son­al col­lec­tion that can be enjoyed with fam­i­ly and friends.

Pris­ma Pinot Noir — A pinot from Chile that is an amaz­ing val­ue and can be enjoyed with a pletho­ra of foods. Was the biggest sur­prise in a blind pinot noir tast­ing a few months ago. At $16.99 it drinks like a pinot that could be twice its price.

Aval­on Napa Cab — A high qual­i­ty all napa cab for under $20. I have been enjoy­ing this wine for sev­er­al years, and the qual­i­ty is con­sis­tent year in year out. This is the red wine I served at my wed­ding in 2009.

Claiborne Snowden

StaveThief BWS-Logo-Final Certified Bourbon Steward

I have a pas­sion for bour­bon. I love the sto­ries and his­to­ry behind the dif­fer­ent dis­til­leries. It’s rare to find me with­out a cig­ar and bour­bon in hand. I also drink tequi­la, gin, beer, and some wine. I grad­u­at­ed from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ken­tucky in 2016 spend my week­ends fly-fish­ing.


Bour­bon: Rowan’s Creek – Silky smooth bour­bon that always has a place on my shelf

Tequi­la: Olme­ca Altos Reposa­do – An inex­pen­sive option for those of you who like a nice smooth almost creamy tequi­la

Gin:  Bom­bay Sap­phire – A clas­sic gin that will nev­er dis­ap­point ”

Daniel Weber, Whiskey Lover

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daniel copyI joined WW&W in 2014, after hav­ing shopped here for years. I fig­ured if I was going to hang around the store reg­u­lar­ly, I might as well be paid for it. My pas­sion is whiskey, pri­mar­i­ly bour­bon, but am quick­ly learn­ing more about wine, beer and oth­er spir­its. A CPA by day, I am enjoy­ing West­port as my “fun job.” I am mar­ried to Deirdre, with a two year old son, Patrick.


Eli­jah Craig 12 Small Batch — One of the best age stat­ed val­ues in the store. Not going to find any oth­er whiskies of this qual­i­ty and age at this price.

Rit­ten­house Rye — This is a sol­id, clas­sic rye whiskey. Being bot­tled at 100 proof makes this the per­fect rye for mak­ing a Man­hat­tan.

Jennifer Buck, Wino

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I very recent­ly joined WW&W in 2016. While liv­ing in South­ern France, I taught Eng­lish to a wine­mak­er and his fam­i­ly and got to learn a lot about wine dur­ing that time. I also worked at a local win­ery for a year before start­ing my full-time teach­ing posi­tion at a Louisville high school. Cur­rent­ly, I’m work­ing towards tak­ing my lev­el 1 som­me­li­er exam in the spring of 2017 and learn­ing as much as I can about beer and bour­bon one drink at a time.


2014 Feli­no Caber­net Sauvi­gnon: An amaz­ing­ly priced cab for those who love leath­ery tastes. I always think of walk­ing into a Wilson’s Leather Store with this one. It tastes as won­der­ful as it smells. It’s got cin­na­mon, clove and black pep­per notes that are hard to beat.

Per­ri­er-Jou­et Grand Brut: Yum in a bot­tle. Bub­bly and ele­gant. Notes of home­made but­tered bis­cuits like your grand­ma makes.

1792 High Rye: My favorite bour­bon I’ve tast­ed so far. Smells sweet like pears and apples. Notes of orange can­dies and cin­na­mon. A lit­tle woody on the fin­ish.

Jared Trevino

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I love all bour­bons, some more than oth­ers. Hen­ry McKen­na 10 year BiB, Booker’s, and store pick Knob Creek sin­gle bar­rels are some of my favorite “dai­ly drinkers.” I also enjoy a good dark beer, Metaxa brandy, chilled Rum­ple Minze schnapps or Baren­jager liqueur, and meads and ciders.





J.J. Valentine aka “Bubbles”

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I was born in May­ber­ry (Mt. Airy, NC) and I came to Ken­tucky via Nebras­ka and nev­er knew much about bour­bon. Since being in Ken­tucky I’ve learned the great his­to­ry of America’s Whiskey. I love tech and gam­ing. Not many know that I actu­al­ly met my wife on World of War­craft! We’ve been mar­ried for eight years now.

Bour­bons: Old Fitzger­ald Bot­tle in Bond.  This wheat­ed bot­tle in bond bour­bon is my pop­u­lar drink. I’m a huge fan of wheat­ed bour­bons and bot­tled-in-bond due to the his­to­ry of the Bot­tled-in-Bond Act.

If I’m feel­ing spe­cial I will drink one of my Old Weller Antique store picks. My favorite by far is my bot­tle of OWA West­port Whiskey & Wine that had a dump date of 6/23/2015, which was my 40th birth­day. That’s MY birth­day bour­bon drink.

Beer: A new­found love of Cin­dergeist “Bub­bles” has earned me the nick­name of this prod­uct. Hav­ing a lap band makes it hard to drink car­bon­at­ed drinks, but bub­bles is my new friend when I want beer.

Wine:  Any­thing that Seth and Jen tell me to drink. One that I find myself going to a lot late­ly has been the Game of Thrones Red Blend. (Don’t judge me!) Being new to wine I’m still learn­ing and love try­ing new things.

Drew Crawley

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My pri­ma­ry back­ground is in the hos­pi­tal­i­ty ser­vices indus­try and my day job is run­ning oper­a­tions at a hotel here in town. Bour­bon start­ed as a hob­by and has quick­ly mor­phed into a means of pro­vid­ing hos­pi­tal­i­ty to friends and fam­i­ly. I am a mem­ber of The Bour­bon Soci­ety and have shopped at the store since mov­ing to Louisville in 2013. My pas­sion is bour­bon but I am quick­ly try­ing to learn about oth­er dis­tilled spir­its along with wine. When I’m not work­ing, I enjoy going for runs with my wife, fine cig­ars, read­ing, and play­ing the blues with good friends.

Bour­bon:  Any­thing Eli­jah Craig, but espe­cial­ly store pick sin­gle bar­rels. Hen­ry McKen­na 10 Yr Bot­tled in Bond, E.H. Tay­lor Sin­gle Bar­rel

Rye:  Pikesville or Wil­let 3yr

Scotch:  Bal­ve­nie Dou­ble­wood 12 Yr, The Glen­livet 18

Beer:  Any­thing in a porter or stout style. Founders Break­fast Stout is a favorite.

Candace Jaworski, Tasting Room Coordinator

StaveThief BWS-Logo-Final Certified Bourbon Steward

Born in Buf­fa­lo girl. Grew up here and can answer the high school ques­tion. I love Louisville and all things local. My day job depends on the day. Just ask and I’ll let you know what’s on the dock­et for the day. Cats fan and Orange fan and Cards fan if they’re not play­ing one of the first two.

Bour­bon: I tell peo­ple I like big “Ken­tucky hugs” so my favorites are on the cask/barrel strength end of the spec­trum. One of my favorites of all time was our Four Ros­es OBSF selec­tion. Sad­ly it’s gone. Oth­er go to’s include Bulleit Bar­rel Strength and Old Forester Pro­hi­bi­tion Style. I also strong­ly sug­gest, and always have in my home bar, Heav­en Hill’s Bot­tled-in-Bond.

Rye: Self-pro­claimed Rye Girl here. Work­ing my way to get to know all of them. Cur­rent favorites are the Basil Hay­den Rye or, if you can find it for me, Willet’s XCF. Life chang­ers. My go to’s include Bulleit, Knob Creek, Angel’s Envy, and Michter’s.

Scotch: Became a fan of the sin­gle malt Scotch­es from Islay. My favorite is still my first, Laphroaig. I own a piece of the land!

Wine:  Con­sid­er­ing I pair most of my selec­tions with friends or a show I’m binge watch­ing, my selec­tions hov­er in the mid-price range. Sum­mer favorite (this is no secret in the store) is Three Pears Pinot Gri­gio. Win­ter favorite is 7 Dead­ly Zins.

Beer:  Well-known hop head here. I love most 2X IPA’s. I have a deep pas­sion for fall and the release of South­ern Tier’s War­lock. You can take the girl out of WNY

Ryan Ford, Beer Buyer

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After I grad­u­at­ed from U of L, I worked as a recruiter for three years, trav­el­ing between Ken­tucky and Flori­da. After climb­ing through the ranks I decid­ed it was time to find some­thing out­side an office. I’ve always enjoyed beer and bour­bon, so I
pur­sued a posi­tion with a dis­trib­u­tor as a Beer Spe­cial­ist. While work­ing in the indus­try I came across WW&W and enjoyed the store as I worked with them. When it came time to leave the dis­trib­u­tor I start­ed at West­port as the Beer
Buy­er. My favorite bour­bon is Heav­en Hill 6 year BiB White Label. It’s an excel­lent pour for the price.