Westport Whiskey & Wine

Staff Selections

We have challenged our staff to select something that they really enjoy in order to better connect with our customers.


Seth Williams, Store Manager

StaveThief BWS-Logo-Final Certified Bourbon Steward

seth-1In 2004, I became the wine specialist at Whole Foods Market in Evanston, Illinois, and you can say ever since then I have been a HUGE fan of wine. After moving back to Louisville in 2007 I found my way to Westport Whiskey & Wine. I love talking to people about wine & bourbon and the challenge that brings with finding the best fit for the customer. I always say “if you don’t like it, bring it back and let’s find something you do like,” cause I always stand behind what I recommend.


2013 Piattelli Vineyards Malbec Reserve — Redolent of blueberry and dark currant, fresh, pure style is matched with plenty of minerally components. The complex finish offers white pepper and bittersweet chocolate.

Orin Swift Prisoner Red Blend — The wine that got me hooked. A beautiful blend with nice ripe red fruit, earth and espresso to go along with a great smooth finish.

Henry McKenna 10year Bottle in Bond Bourbon — Aged 10yrs with aromas of vanilla, caramel and cinnamon. Add a little water and butterscotch really explodes out of the glass, with the nice woody and spicy finish this definitely is a bourbon everyone should have at their bar.

Emily Meadows, Asst Manager/Doer of Things

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emily copy

I have been with the store since we have opened and have had amazing opportunities to expand my knowledge here over the years. My main focus of things is in the world of bourbon. What can I say? I love it and the stories behind it. I also enjoy some red wine from time to time.


Elmer T Lee — Easy smooth drinker. Covers the mouth nicely. Soft nose, broad mouthfeel. High value drinker. Love it! I’ll take it all

Old Fitzgerald BIB — Easy everyday drinker. It’s the perfect bourbon for when you just want to pour a glass and not over think it. Spicy, warm, hot.


Insider Cab — it’s delicious. Trust me.

Carne Humana Red — Also delicious. Just do it!

Ben Canary, Beer Geek

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benAvid beer drinker. Bourbon fanatic. Novice homebrewer. Fermentation Enthusiast. Eager student learning more one sip at a time.

Justin Horn, Wine Specialist (ok, Wine Geek)

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My name is Justin Horn. I have an extensive background in the understanding and appreciation of wine and food pairings. Combining this knowledge and being able to share this passion with the public has allowed me to have an extensive career in both the retail and wholesale wine side of the hospitality industry. I love to share with the public the not so obvious wine growing regions and why people need to think outside the box when trying new wines. I graduated from Florida International University with a Hospitality Management degree in 1990. My passion about wine began at childhood since my parents enjoyed wine at the dinner table. For fun I love to travel internationally and I am constantly looking for new wines to add to my personal collection that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Prisma Pinot Noir — A pinot from Chile that is an amazing value and can be enjoyed with a plethora of foods. Was the biggest surprise in a blind pinot noir tasting a few months ago. At $16.99 it drinks like a pinot that could be twice its price.

Avalon Napa Cab — A high quality all napa cab for under $20. I have been enjoying this wine for several years, and the quality is consistent year in year out. This is the red wine I served at my wedding in 2009.

Claiborne Snowden

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I have a passion for bourbon. I love the stories and history behind the different distilleries. It’s rare to find me without a cigar and bourbon in hand. I also drink tequila, gin, beer, and some wine. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2016 spend my weekends fly-fishing.


Bourbon: Rowan’s Creek – Silky smooth bourbon that always has a place on my shelf

Tequila: Olmeca Altos Reposado – An inexpensive option for those of you who like a nice smooth almost creamy tequila

Gin:  Bombay Sapphire – A classic gin that will never disappoint ”

Daniel Weber, Whiskey Lover

StaveThief BWS-Logo-Final Certified Bourbon Steward

daniel copyI joined WW&W in 2014, after having shopped here for years. I figured if I was going to hang around the store regularly, I might as well be paid for it. My passion is whiskey, primarily bourbon, but am quickly learning more about wine, beer and other spirits. A CPA by day, I am enjoying Westport as my “fun job.” I am married to Deirdre, with a two year old son, Patrick.


Elijah Craig 12 Small Batch — One of the best age stated values in the store. Not going to find any other whiskies of this quality and age at this price.

Rittenhouse Rye — This is a solid, classic rye whiskey. Being bottled at 100 proof makes this the perfect rye for making a Manhattan.

Jennifer Buck, Wino

StaveThief BWS-Logo-Final Certified Bourbon Steward

I very recently joined WW&W in 2016. While living in Southern France, I taught English to a winemaker and his family and got to learn a lot about wine during that time. I also worked at a local winery for a year before starting my full-time teaching position at a Louisville high school. Currently, I’m working towards taking my level 1 sommelier exam in the spring of 2017 and learning as much as I can about beer and bourbon one drink at a time.


2014 Felino Cabernet Sauvignon: An amazingly priced cab for those who love leathery tastes. I always think of walking into a Wilson’s Leather Store with this one. It tastes as wonderful as it smells. It’s got cinnamon, clove and black pepper notes that are hard to beat.

Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut: Yum in a bottle. Bubbly and elegant. Notes of homemade buttered biscuits like your grandma makes.

1792 High Rye: My favorite bourbon I’ve tasted so far. Smells sweet like pears and apples. Notes of orange candies and cinnamon. A little woody on the finish.

Jared Trevino

StaveThief BWS-Logo-Final Certified Bourbon Steward

I love all bourbons, some more than others. Henry McKenna 10 year BiB, Booker’s, and store pick Knob Creek single barrels are some of my favorite “daily drinkers.” I also enjoy a good dark beer, Metaxa brandy, chilled Rumple Minze schnapps or Barenjager liqueur, and meads and ciders.





J.J. Valentine aka “Bubbles”

StaveThief BWS-Logo-Final Certified Bourbon Steward

I was born in Mayberry (Mt. Airy, NC) and I came to Kentucky via Nebraska and never knew much about bourbon. Since being in Kentucky I’ve learned the great history of America’s Whiskey. I love tech and gaming. Not many know that I actually met my wife on World of Warcraft! We’ve been married for eight years now.

Bourbons: Old Fitzgerald Bottle in Bond.  This wheated bottle in bond bourbon is my popular drink. I’m a huge fan of wheated bourbons and bottled-in-bond due to the history of the Bottled-in-Bond Act.

If I’m feeling special I will drink one of my Old Weller Antique store picks. My favorite by far is my bottle of OWA Westport Whiskey & Wine that had a dump date of 6÷23÷2015, which was my 40th birthday. That’s MY birthday bourbon drink.

Beer: A newfound love of Cindergeist “Bubbles” has earned me the nickname of this product. Having a lap band makes it hard to drink carbonated drinks, but bubbles is my new friend when I want beer.

Wine:  Anything that Seth and Jen tell me to drink. One that I find myself going to a lot lately has been the Game of Thrones Red Blend. (Don’t judge me!) Being new to wine I’m still learning and love trying new things.

Drew Crawley

StaveThief BWS-Logo-Final Certified Bourbon Steward

My primary background is in the hospitality services industry and my day job is running operations at a hotel here in town. Bourbon started as a hobby and has quickly morphed into a means of providing hospitality to friends and family. I am a member of The Bourbon Society and have shopped at the store since moving to Louisville in 2013. My passion is bourbon but I am quickly trying to learn about other distilled spirits along with wine. When I’m not working, I enjoy going for runs with my wife, fine cigars, reading, and playing the blues with good friends.

Bourbon:  Anything Elijah Craig, but especially store pick single barrels. Henry McKenna 10 Yr Bottled in Bond, E.H. Taylor Single Barrel

Rye:  Pikesville or Willet 3yr

Scotch:  Balvenie Doublewood 12 Yr, The Glenlivet 18

Beer:  Anything in a porter or stout style. Founders Breakfast Stout is a favorite.

Candace Jaworski, Tasting Room Coordinator

StaveThief BWS-Logo-Final Certified Bourbon Steward

Born in Buffalo girl. Grew up here and can answer the high school question. I love Louisville and all things local. My day job depends on the day. Just ask and I’ll let you know what’s on the docket for the day. Cats fan and Orange fan and Cards fan if they’re not playing one of the first two.

Bourbon: I tell people I like big “Kentucky hugs” so my favorites are on the cask/barrel strength end of the spectrum. One of my favorites of all time was our Four Roses OBSF selection. Sadly it’s gone. Other go to’s include Bulleit Barrel Strength are Old Forester Prohibition Style. I also strongly suggest, and always have in my home bar, Heaven Hill’s Bottled-in-Bond.

Rye: Self-proclaimed Rye Girl here. Working my way to get to know all of them. Current favorites are the Basil Hayden Rye or, if you can find it for me, Willet’s XCF. Life changers. My go to’s include Bulleit, Knob Creek, Angel’s Envy, and Michter’s.

Scotch: Became a fan of the single malt Scotches from Islay. My favorite is still my first, Laphroaig. I own a piece of the land!

Wine:  Considering I pair most of my selections with friends or a show I’m binge watching, my selections hover in the mid-price range. Summer favorite (this is no secret in the store) is Three Pears Pinot Grigio. Winter favorite is 7 Deadly Zins.

Beer:  Well-known hop head here. I love most 2X IPA’s. I have a deep passion for fall and the release of Southern Tier’s Warlock. You can take the girl out of WNY