Rich Splan
Rich Splan, Co-Owner
Chris Zaborowski
Chris Zaborowski, Co-Owner • Executive Bourbon Steward

Emily Meadows, Manager • Spirits & Specialties Buyer • Executive Bourbon Steward
Stephen Gandolfi, Assistant Manager CSS • Executive Bourbon Steward
Emily Holt
Emily Holt, Certified Bourbon Steward • Zythophile (lover of all things beer)
CJ Phillips, Certified Bourbon Steward, Wine Buyer

Atticus Moore,  Certified Bourbon Steward

Timothy Van Riper, Tasting Room Coordinator • Certified Bourbon Steward

Corey Dolt

Greg Hair

Daniel Weber
Daniel Weber, AccountingCertified Bourbon Steward

Candace Jaworski
Candace Jaworski, Marketing • Certified Bourbon Steward

J.J. Valentine
J.J. Valentine, Certified Bourbon Steward • Marketing


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