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Spirit distilled from malted grain, especially barley or rye. Here at Westport Whiskey and Wine one of our favorite things to talk about is whisk(e)y. Did you know that whisky without the “e” is product made in a country without the letter “e” in it? In the world of whiskey there are several different styles of whiskey. While we think bourbon is pretty neat we love all the other different types as well.


We try to find every bourbon that is available here in Louisville and offer it on our shelf for you to add to your home collection. We really enjoy learning, tasting and getting to know the bottles that are on our shelves. You will find everything from the bottom shelf mixer, to the craft bourbon, to the occasional special bottling. There is something new just about every week on our shelves, so please stop in and say hi.

sin·gle malt

While it is true that Louisville is not known for being a large single malt market we still think single malts are pretty awesome. So awesome that we have nearly as many single malts as we do bourbons. If you don’t see something on our shelves ask us and we can try and track it down for you. Not sure if you like single malts, give them a try in our Tasting room or check out our tasting calendar to see if we have an upcoming class.


This whiskey has a history steeped in the northeast and in Canada. In the US after prohibition rye whiskey fell to the wayside. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the US began to see rye whiskies back on the market. Now rye whiskies are a staple to the whiskey drinker. Not sure what type of rye you are in the mood for, don’t worry we can help with that.

We also have a large selection of Irish, blended scotch, American, Canadian and other import whiskies. While we are in the shadows of bourbon country we think these whiskies are just as important to whiskey culture as a whole and that’s why you will find these on our shelves.

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