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Cocktails are coming back strong here in Louisville, you don’t want to miss out do you? Whether you are just starting out on your home cocktail journey, or if you are a cocktail professional we feel that we will have what you are looking for.


You will find that we have much more than just your Angostura, Peychaud and Fee Brothers. We find those bitters to be awesome but we also want to find the local bitters, the small guys the oddball stuff. Whether you are looking for the classic orange (or barrel aged orange), or maybe some chocolate mole, we want to have those oddball flavors here waiting for you.

bar syrup

Sweetness is a key part to so many cocktails, it helps balance the bitterness, acid and the booze, syrups are the easiest way to impart that sweetness in your drink. In order to get the proper balance in your drink you need to dissolve the sweetener into syrup form. If you want to do this at home, great it’s pretty easy. If you don’t want to (we get it) stop on in and see what fun syrups we have to brighten up any cocktail idea.


Red or White wine flavored with aromatic herbs. I think we have over 20 different types of vermouth, with pricing and sizes for everyone. With split bottles you can grab a couple different ones to play around with and find the right fit for the cocktail you are crafting.


An herbal liqueur whose name in Italian mean “bitter”, there are different versions of herbal liqueurs made throughout the world but Amaro is specific to Italy. The main difference between amari and bitters you ask? Amari are madde to be drank on their own, bitters are not. Another great bittering agent for your cocktails, or drink it on its own after dinner for a digestif.


The short of it liqueur is a distilled spirit with an added flavoring and are lower in alcohol content. Our liqueur section is ever growing, whether you are looking for coffee, rhubarb, apricot we have them. In fact our liqueur section is getting to be close in size to our bourbon section.

Stop in to craft your perfect cocktail today.

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